Preferred Service Providers

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OBX Preferred Service Providers


Jim Gilreath
Rose, Harrison & Gilreath, P.C.
Office: 252-480-1414
Fax: 252-480-1765
Thanh Hicks, Paralegal


Robert B. Hobbs, Jr.
Hornthal, Riley, Ellis & Maland
2502 S. Croatan Highway
Post Office Box 310
Nags Head, NC 27959
Office: 252-441-0871
Fax: 252-441-8822

E. Crouse Gray, Jr.
Gray & Lloyd, LLP
3120 N. Croatan Highway, Suite 101
Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948
Office: 252-441-4338
Fax: 252-441-8414

Mike Casey
Casey & Robbins, PLLC
Post Office Box 28
(110 E. Gray Eagle Street, Suite 101)
Nags Head, NC 27959
252-441-4125 o
252-441-4126 f
Laura Daniels – paralegal
Starkey Sharp
Casey Varnell
4820 N. Croatan Highway
Post Office Box 1027
Kitty Hawk, NC 27949
Office: 252-261-2126
Fax: 252-261-1188
Tracy Banks – paralegal
Lisa Rhodes – paralegal

Ronda G. Moore
Kellogg and Evans, PA
201 Ananias Dare Street
Post Office Box 189
Manteo, NC 27954
Office: 252-473-2171
Fax: 252-473-1214
Charles Evans
Kellogg and Evans, PA
201 Ananias Dare Street
Post Office Box 189
Manteo, NC 27954
Office: 252-473-2171
Fax: 252-473-1214
Robin Gallop – paralegal

Bill Brumsey IV
Brumsey and Brumsey PLLC
2883 Caratoke Highway
Post Office Box 100
Currituck, NC 27929
Office: 252-232-2252
Fax: 252-232-3038

Gregory E. Wills, PC (Civil)
Greg Wills
6541Caratoke Highway
Grandy, NC 27939
Office: 252-491-7016
Fax: 252-491-7019



You will want to have a letter from your financial institution on its letterhead, or a bank statement, reflecting sufficient funding to cover the purchase price, closing costs. I have previous clients who have suggested they could simply supply a copy of their online banking statement redacting the account number. This would be sufficient – however I recommend not showing more money than what is necessary to reflect monies sufficient to cover the purchase price. *** This is usually required no later than at time of purchase offer submission to seller.


Before seeing any homes, you will want to be in touch with at least one Lender to discuss your financials as well as current rates and different types of loans available.  Down payment requirements may vary as well depending on purchase price or location of the home.  You will want to obtain a “pre-approval”, or “pre-qualification” letter on the lender’s letterhead, for purchasing a home. This can often be accomplished over the phone within a very short time.

There are multiple different types of loans out there for first time home purchasers, second home purchasers, and investors, and differing rates and down-payment requirements … your lender will be able to help best guide you to the best type loan for your home purchase. Please do not hesitate to contact me to ask questions regarding any information a lender has provided you.

Here is why this is so important … I have had more than one client not take my advice on this. Once I had a client (a Physician) who did not pursue pre-qualification, and after looking at many Homes over several different appointments, he found a home, contracted to purchase it, told all in his family about it as they were all excited about staying there, and told his colleagues as they were interested in renting it. Then, once he submitted his financials to his lender he found out that due to his ratios (ratio of debt to income) he did not qualify. Learning of this at this stage was both embarrassing and humiliating and could have been avoided with a quick initial inquiry with a Reputable Knowledgeable Lender.

The “pre-approval / pre-qualification letter” will be required by all sellers in considering a purchase offer. There have been many changes in the lending industry with new rules and regulations appearing on the scene continuously – especially since January 1, 2010. There are additional new lending regulations as a result of the Dodd-Frank Act effective January 2014 which will impact the Mortgage Loan process from Application through Approval … this will likely add additional paperwork and time to the process for both the Lender and the Borrower!

Becoming pre-qualified / approved will be the “first” step in the home purchasing process and should be accomplished at the outset prior to looking at any homes.

Our market is very unique in many ways and out of area lenders often run into aspects of underwriting homes in our Resort Market that they have never encountered in metro markets.  Several “very important things to consider” are:

a)  homes in a weekly vacation rental program and a buyer wishes to obtain a second home loan … often an out of area lender doesn’t know (because they don’t ever lend on this type property) that their underwriting department will kick back the loan (usually just days prior to closing) because … it is in a rental situation. Many Lenders will not provide a second home loan for a home in a weekly rental vacation program with rental income – I ran into multiple circumstances on this recently, so very important to discuss with your lender up front so no misunderstanding. *** I always recommend using a local lender to avoid this problem.

NOTE: I just had this happen June 2015. Even after I provided this information to my client (buyer), they still wished to pursue working with a lender they had used before. I provided all of this information to this “out of area lender” at the beginning – the lender promised it would not be a problem. He was wrong. Instead of doing his due diligence and running this by his Underwriter up front, he waited and literally 1 week before closing this became an issue as the Lender’s Underwriter kicked the loan back because there was rental income and my client was obtaining a second home loan rate terms. Here is the problem – if there is peak season rental income – every day delay in closing costs the buyer money. Sometimes there is significant money involved.  … You need a lender with a proven track record in this market. *** I have spent a great deal of time writing this explanation to help you avoid pitfalls which are readily and easily avoidable.

b)  Home is sold fully furnished … many homes in our Market are sold completely furnished down to the pots and pans and some lenders have heartburn over this.  I am not sure why this is so – as the personal property is sold separately by Bill of Sale, and this practice has been in place here on the Outer Banks for more than 30 years. Local lenders know this and it is no issue to them.

c)  Unlike most metro areas where the land value under a home is typically 20% to 25% of overall value of the property vs. the Outer Banks where land value is often 50% (or more) of the overall value of a property.  I have many past clients who utilized an out of area lender only to receive a call from that lender just days prior to closing telling the borrower/buyer that the underwriting department will not approve the loan because the land value is greater than the home value.  This is another reason to strongly consider a local Outer Banks Lender where the lenders and their underwriters are very familiar with the market.

d) Out of Area Lenders include … Lenders who do not have an Office here at the beach at which they work full time, and from which they derive their livelihood … which depends on their providing excellent service through maintaining a high satisfaction rating within their industry.  Note that if you seek to utilize an out of area lender there is no recourse. An out of area lender can make promises they can’t keep, and they do. There is no recourse of they don’t return your call, or provide excellent responsive service. The only recourse is they lose your business. A local lender risks losing all business if they operate in this manner. If a local lender is non-responsive it is possible to walk into their office and confront them. You cannot do that with an internet lender. In my experience over the past 30 years, clients who have decided against advise to seek to utilize an internet lender or an out of area lender, have a satisfaction rating well below 50%. I have had many transactions that were delayed as the client ended up having to take the loan from the out of area lender and give it to a local lender who had to start the process over form the beginning. If you live away from the Outer Banks and are purchasing a home in the Outer Banks, you cannot afford the time to chase down a lender to get them to respond to you. This will create high frustration. I have found that the small savings you might be attracted to with an internet lender is made up by the service you will receive with a good local lender. Worth comparing, but with these considerations.

*** At the Time of Submitting a Purchase Offer … rarely, but at times, a seller may request to see evidence of sufficient funds for down payment and closing costs even when a Purchaser is obtaining financing. This could be provided by your personal banking representative, or a copy of an account statement in which case you will want to redact your account number, and you will not generally want to show more money than what is required.

10/1/15 – Nationwide Lending Rules (TRID) are now in effect – here are some observations from a Local Lender regarding differences encountered with these new lending rules … TRID is also known as “TILA” (truth in lending act) – RESPA integrated disclosure (“T” is for TILA, “R” is for RESPA, “I” is for Integrated, and “D” is for Disclosures)

1.     While we are processing the loan, the more accurate information we can enter into the Loan Estimate, the faster the Closing Disclosure preparation will be.  If you are working on a seller credit due to home inspection issues, give the lender a heads up and let them know what that figure will be as soon as possible.
2.    If you know that your buyers are getting their own survey, and not using the seller’s, let the lender know as soon as possible so that we can get the cost from the law office and get those figures into our loan estimate as soon as possible.
3.    Most lenders do not require a pest inspection on conventional loans unless the appraiser for some reason calls for it.  If you have your buyer send a check in advance to pay the inspection company (on conventional loans, not government), then we do not have to be involved with the pest inspection at all.  This saves last minute surprises of wood debris having to be removed, repairs having to be done, inspections, etc., and will also keep last minute pest inspection bills from popping up after we have issued the initial closing disclosure.
4.    Powers of attorney cannot be last minute things.  They have to be decided in advance, because they change recording costs.  Some lenders prepare their own, other lenders have the attorneys prepare them which will increase legal fees and could cause us to have to issue an amended initial CD and another 3 day wait.
5.    The initial Closing Disclosure is not the final figure of what the buyer will be bringing to closing.  There will be adjustments once the attorney prepares the Seller’s side of the closing statement which is done AFTER the initial CD is sent out.  So there will be confusion unless really good communication is taking place.


Here is a selection of LENDERS to consider … 

Shane Cook
Prime Lending
6445 N. Croatan Highway
Kitty Hawk, NC 27949
252-564-3111 office
252-207-2665 cell

Drew Wright
Loan Officer|NMLS# 589370
Citizens One | Citizens Bank, N.A.
Home Loans
(252) 261-6900 Office
(252) 256-2018 Cell
(866) 294-9447 Fax
Physical & Mailing Address
Suite 102 Box 7
6475 N Croatan Hwy
Kitty Hawk, NC 27949

Dee McManus – First Stop Contact at TowneBank
TowneBank Mortgage
252-255-4511 office direct
252-619-1966 mobile direct

Daniel Evans
Movement Mortgage
252-497-8780 office
252-202-0866 Cell

Wendy Nelson – Wells Fargo (NMLSR 450523)
252-441-7610 Ext.1018 Office
252-489-9276 mobile

Beau Spivey, Branch Manager  (NMLSR 58033)
U.S. Bank – Outer Banks Office
252-337-4961 direct
252-822-0181 efax


SHORT TERM IN HOUSE (SHELF LOANS) which can typically include Lot and/or Condominium Loans …

LOT LOAN TERMS are typically as follows: 15 year amortization with a 5 year balloon, but call for a rate quote …

Beau Spivey

PNC Bank
Carol Rhodes

Southern Bank
Neil Songer
252-475-3688 office

Paul Abell

First South Bank
Erin McCown

Lot Loan Purchase with Construction Permanent loan – only

NOTE: Each Bank has different terms for Lot Loans as these loans are in house products – called shelf loans … meaning the banks do not sell the loans to investors – the banks actually keep the loans on their own books and so payments are made to that specific bank.

Commercial Loans …


Paul Abell

Taylor Sugg
252-261-4350 office
252-261-7269 fax


Wade Coote
Sea Side Painting
168 Foster Forbes Road
Powells Point, NC 27966

Rick Knieper
Imperial Painters

Beach Painting Contractors, Inc.
1496 Colington Road
Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948

Maintenance …

Andy McConaughy
Andy’s Toolbox, LLC
240-388-0427 cell

Scott Steward
Good Stewards
4320 Seascape Drive
Kitty Hawk, NC 27949
252-599-0640 cell

Jim Beach
Beach Home Repair
252-202-5735 cell

Around The Clock Appliance Repair
John Kuhn (phonetic: Koon)

Building Contractors

Forrest Seal
Forrest Seal L.L.C.
PO Box 2333
Kitty Hawk, NC 27949
Mobile 252-599-2521
Office 252-715-1841
Fax 252-255-6339

Ed Janicki
Carolina Beach Builders
Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948
252-441-5598 Office
252-256-1521 Cell

David Buchanan
Compass Edge Construction, Inc.
103 High Dune Loop
Southern Shores, NC 27949
252-202-4217 cell

Macko Construction
Brian Susco
John Macko
Post Office Box 3689
Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948
252-480-6411 office

Gary Cosgrove
Seagrove Homes, Inc.
252-261-0187 Office

Jeff Haskett
252-261-8016 Office

Ken Green
Ken Green & Associates

Olin Finch
Rob Bachman

Rob Lawson
Lawson Construction, Inc.
252-256-0137 cell
252-255-0331 office

Pools …

Scott Steward
4 Good Stewards Pool & Spa
252-599-0640 cell

Philip Whitfield
Pool Pro Inc
252-305-1723 cell

Brant Honeycutt – CasNCals Pool & Spa
252.449.0900 Office
252.573.0452 Cell

Kitty Hawk Pools & Spas INSTALLATION
Josh Saunders & Tyler Saunders
252-207-1399 Josh
252-305-7334 Tyler

Tim & Diane Wallace
RubADub Pools
252-202-8687 Cell

Gulfstream Pools
Travis & Kasie Byrum
Dien Davis
252-255-1192 Office

Home Inspectors …

Winston & Ralph Woodard
American Home Inspections of NE NC
262-261-1965 office
252-261-6250 fax
252-202-8344 cell Winston

Coastal Home Inspections
Matt Lowcher
(252) 441-0802 Office

Coastland Building Inspections
Robert Finchem
252-207-5600 Cell
252-449-4310 Office

Doug Mickle
HouseChek Inspections, Inc.
520 Meadow Lane
Corolla, NC 27927
252-207-2055 cell

Electricians …

Davco Electric
Mike and Grant Davenport
252-441-4106 office

Live Wire Electrical Services, LLC
Brett Salch
252-441-7557 office
252-202-9107 Cell

BRS Electric
Brad R. Smith
252-441-5334 office
252-305-5334 cell

Suburban Electric
Mike Duell
252-473-1372 office
252-473-7984 cell emergency


Marylu Martone
A&B Carpet One Flooring
252-261-8106 x13

Sharon Sargent
Interiors by H&W

(Lowes and Home Depot also have services, but I have heard from more than one client that personal service is lacking)

HVAC – Heating & Cooling

Outer Banks Heating & Cooling
Brian McDonald


Steve Smith

R.A. Hoy Heating & Air

Plumbers …

The Gentleman Plumber, Inc.
Mike McGee
252-480-3124 office
252-305-5338 cell Mike

Termite Inspection …

Professional One Pest Control – 252-261-3111

Four Seasons Pest Control 252-480-2889 office

Outer Banks Pest Control – 252-473-1633

Arrow Pest Control – 252-255-1414

Insurance …

State Farm Insurance – Kimberly Carroll

Vogedes Insurance – Butch Snyder
252-261-9300 (Residential & Commercial)

Farm Bureau – Anthony Dickinson

GR Little Insurance – Linda Melson

GR Little Insurance – Karen Bachman (Commercial)

Mollie Fearing – Grizelle Fearing

Nationwide Insurance – Susan Weber

Standard Insurance – Ms. George Wojcik

The Willey Agency -Jill Beatty


GR Little Insurance – Karen Bachman (Commercial)

Southern Insurance – Larry Barker

Coastal Insurance Foundation – Dana Buckhout
703-527-8780 x 150


Jeff Jacobson DDS
Colington Road, KDH
(across from Colington Cafe)

David Downing DDS
Croatan Hwy, Nags Head
(across from YMCA)

Furniture …

Outer Banks Furniture – Jim & Ann Cerza

OBX Foreclosure Furniture Packages – Mark Lupean

Ambrose Furniture – Barry Ambrose

Manteo Furniture

Mattress Discounters – Becky & Jim

Exotic Home

Savvy and Sublime – Keely Owens

Daniels Homeport – Karl & Debbie Daniels

Surveyors …

Marty Barnette Land Surveying – B.I.L.D.

William S. Jones Land Surveying

Doug Styons Land Surveying



1031 Tax Deferred Exchange Intermediary –
Consult with your North Carolina Real Estate Attorney!

Realty Exchange Corporation
(800) 795-0769

Outer Banks Area Real Estate Appraisers …


Jim Caskey
Island Appraisers
Off- 252-255-0091
Fax- 252-255-1320

MaryAnn McGoye
Outer Banks Appraisal Service
Off- 252-255-1500
Fax- 252-255-1200
Cell- 252-573-0141

Jason Self /// Peggy Self
Self Appraisal Service
Off- 252-441-3878

Matt Russell
East Coast Appraisals
Fax- 252-261-2997
Cell- 252-489-8055

Kim Tate
Kim Tate Appraisals
Off- 252-453-9804
Fax- 252-453-9805

John Phelan
John M. Phelan & Associates
Off- 252-441-3400
Fax- 252-441-7964

Otis Culpepper
Culpepper Appraisals
Off- 441-5553
Fax- 252-441-5574

Lee Williams
Williams Appraisals
Off- 252-256-0879
Fax- 866-903-6519

Sherry Rollason
Rollason Appraisal Service
Off- 252-441-8227
Fax- 252-441-8323
Cell- 252-207-5929

Diane Whichard
Whichard Appraisal Service
Fax- 252-338-2550 OR


Richard Greenlee
Asset Appraisal Service
Off- 252-441-6652
Fax- 252-441-7201
Cell- 252-256-2360
Greg Bourne
Bourne Appraisals
Off- 252-441-1221
Fax- 252-441-5606