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Thinking of Selling a Property on the Outer Banks?

John LeatherwoodOur area is a very unique place filled with mostly extremely custom variables for each and every property. So many variables come into play in the evaluation process such as… Oceanfront, Soundfront, Canalfront, Lakefront, Marsh Frontage, Soundside, Between Highways, Oceanside, Size Home, Age, Condition, Beach Access, Water Views, Quality of Construction, Elevation, Neighborhood, Home Features, Wooded, Dune Area, North Beaches, South Beaches, Navigable Waterways, Next Door Neighbors, Rental Income Return Ratio, Furnished, UnFurnished … and, so much more!

The Evaluation of any property on the Outer Banks requires considerably more effort than the evaluation of a tract Home say in a large metro subdivision where all of the homes are basically similar in location, builder, quality, age, etc., and the only difference might be improvements and condition.

John will provide at no obligation a Complete Marketing Overview, or even a quick “Over The Net” Evaluation … which can be provided by email communication … no phone conversations necessary until you are ready.

See John “The Sandman” for details regarding the “Market Analysis Process” …
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Want to Sell a Property? Have a Property that has Not Sold?Want to Sell a Property? Have a Property that has Not Sold?
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